Where to look for a job as an RPA Professional?

In this short post, I’m answering two simple questions. In which regions do you have more chance to find RPA related job? Are there more RPA opportunities recently then it was a year ago?

To do this I have analysed job ads published in Poland on pracuj.pl from January to June 2019 (and Jan – Jun 2018). In 2019, there were nearly 240 offers, posted by 80 companies, for RPA practitioners. By practitioners I mean specifically RPA Developers, Architects, Consultants and Managers or Team Leads of RPA teams.


Updated version of analysis for period of Jan 2015 to Aug 2019 is here.

Number of RPA job postings in regions (H1 2018 vs H1 2019)


What is not surprising, majority of RPA jobs are in large urban centers, where most of the offices are located. Mazowieckie voivodeship is leading, however małopolskie is quickly catching up. In H1 2018 there were twice more offers in mazowieckie, in H1 2019 it was only 1 more than in małopolskie. Major growth is seen in 2 voivodeships (mentioned małopolskie +31%, and śląskie +42%). Decline by 36% in mazowieckie and by 25% in wielkopolskie.

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