VBA and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) developers’ job market statistics

Let me share some stats of Polish VBA & RPA (Robotic Process Automation) job market. I’m using data collected from pracuj.pl portal, by my repoBot – dated January to August 2018. In addition I checked what’s on civil service job portal nabory.kprm.gov.pl – same dates.


Updated version of analysis for Jan 2015 – Aug 2019 period – below.

Analysis of Robotic Process Automation labour market in Poland

Job offers statistics

On a monthly average – there was bit less than 60 vacancies in RPA area and around 430 vacancies with VBA. Here’s monthly summary.

Position share

Vacancies’ categories / areas

It is not a big surprise, that most of RPA vacancies are categorized as IT – Software Development. Most popular RPA vacancy name, again with no surprises, is Robotic Process Automation Developer or RPA Developer. What’s more interesting is VBA and majority of offers in Finance / Economy category, most common vacancy name is Analyst or Financial Analyst.
(click on legend VBA/RPA to get more detailed view)

RPA technologies in vacancies

VBA/RPA in regions

(to see list of companies which published most offers in VBA/RPA, click on selected region)

Wordcloud of the most popular words / phrases

Stop words and unimportant phrases like workplace were removed.
(click slider below to switch between words and phrases)

words (1-grams) phrases (2-grams)

VBA in civil service

One of my repoBots follows civil service job portal (police, boards of education, various offices). Amongts over 12000 vacancies, between January and August 2018, 10 required VBA. Employers were:

  • Metrologists – Główny Urząd Miar w Warszawie
  • Specialists – Ministerstwo Finansów w Warszawie
  • Lab technicians – Wojewódzki Inspektorat Ochrony Środowiska w Krakowie

Please leave some feedback if and what you like about this summary and what you’d like to extend or see more here?


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