Do you need programming skills to be RPA Developer?

RPA software is often promoted as low-code or no-code solution for business process automation. Is that really true? Good way to find out is through job postings and skills required from successful candidates. Let’s see what employers say.

I have analysed job ads published in Poland on from January to June 2019. There were nearly 240 offers, posted by 80 companies, for RPA practitioners. And by practitioners I mean specifically RPA Developers, Architects, Consultants and Managers or Team Leads of RPA teams. Thesis is simple – if there is programming language, or an IT skill closely related to coding, listed in requirements section – position needs programming skills.

Overview of software development skills required from RPA professionals

Firstly, I checked all postings for most popular programming languages and phrases pointing generic programming skills or experience requirement. Secondly, Agile/Scrum – which may indicate structured process of software development. Additionally I looked for ITIL certification to see if RPA may be treated as one of IT processes.

Here is the outcome. Click Programming / Agile / ITIL to toggle results.

Overview of most commonly required programming languages across all RPA practitioners roles, below.
*Generic means job posting required any programming language, coding experience, etc.


Over 80% of RPA Developer positions posted required some programming skills or experience, 56% of which was VBA. Around 70% of RPA Architects and RPA Managers should have Agile/Scrum experience. ITIL is not that popular, however ITIL certification was listed in 13% of managerial positions. In few words – according to employers, RPA needs coding.

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