Where to look for a job as an RPA Professional?

In this short post, I’m answering two simple questions. In which regions do you have more chance to find RPA related job? Are there more RPA opportunities recently then it was a year ago? To do this I have analysed job ads published in Poland on pracuj.pl from January to June 2019 (and Jan – […]

Do you need programming skills to be RPA Developer?

RPA software is often promoted as low-code or no-code solution for business process automation. Is that really true? Good way to find out is through job postings and skills required from successful candidates. Let’s see what employers say. I have analysed job ads published in Poland on pracuj.pl from January to June 2019. There were […]

RPA Challenge with Python and Selenium

I found Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Challenge recently. It may have few months already, but still completing it was fun. The challenge idea is simple – there is an Excel file with 10 lines and 7 columns and it needs to be submitted line by line through online form. The trick is the form changes […]

@sejm_watch – what are the sparrows in the Polish parliament chirping about

Politics, area full of emotions and misconceptions. How about looking into it from a data perspective and translate parliament work and emotions in public discourse into numbers and charts? Let me share my latest project – @sejm_watch – a bot which scrapes Sejm website and tweets infographics. *Sejm – the larger and more powerful lower house […]

Do robots have to cost so much?

The aim of this analysis is to compare and test leading provider’s software and cheaper, not standard solutions. Let’s see how business branch of repoBots family handle example process. But first, let me provide you with few words of explaination what RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is. Business case for doing it and what need for […]